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1/1000 Troy ounce 24K Gold, Nevada Goldback
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1 Goldback Denomination; Nevada Design - Caritas

Goldbacks are beautiful and durable and are both an easily spendable currency and long term store of wealth. Unlike paper fiat currencies, Goldbacks are made of gold, which elevates them from being mere currency to being true money.

Unlike traditional coins, Goldbacks are foldable and slide easily into your wallet, and contain small, precise weights of 24 karat gold laminated between thin protective sheets of plastic. Goldbacks have all the advantages of gold, because they are made of gold: Goldbacks hold their value while paper currencies decline in purchasing power, usually gradually but sometimes, as during an economic crisis, rather suddenly. 

Using Goldbacks, like using paper currency, is also a completely private and is independent of the existence of any functioning electronic systems or digital networks. If you have Goldbacks in your wallet, you can buy things even if the power goes out, or the internet is down, or your cellphone is out of range or its battery is dead, or if your bank or even the entire banking system is closed down.

Caritas, or Charity, is the Virtue beautifully featured on Nevada’s 1 Goldback Denomination. This is her first appearance on a Goldback Design, and is notably patterned after a depiction of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Austin, Nevada. Catholicism is Nevada’s most dominant religion and St. Augustine’s is the oldest Catholic Church building in the state. Like all Goldback designs, the art contains many levels of symbolism. Some major symbols of Charity featured include: the Sierra Nevada Lily, which is in the container below Mary’s feet to the right; the Mary Magdalene Rose, in the container on the left; cherubs crowning Mary and Burning Hearts to either side of her; Charity’s lit candle in her hand, and Nevada’s sun, rising over the mountains seen through the window behind her.

The window, the candlestick in the right corner of the window sill and the columns on each side of the design, are each inspired from St. Mary of the Mountains Catholic Cathedral in Virginia City, (now, Saint Mary in the Mountains Catholic Church & Museum), which was also an inspiration for this artwork. The window below Mary’s dress hides the word “Love”, the symbol of a square, a compass, a wagon wheel, and rosary beads. The viewer will also note the ash tree, symbolizing marriage and Las Vegas’s status as the marriage capital of the world; and a family of ring-necked pheasants, which showcase the selfless acts of nurture and protecting their family and young.



Nevada local gold currency Contains 1/1000 troy ounce 24K gold 65mm (2.559") wide x 118 mm (4.646") high



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